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Technote January 2004


Cobol Access is now compatible with MySQL !



Since version 6.11, Cobol Access supports now interface with MySQL


MySQL is a very interesting Database engine, available for Unix, Linux and Windows.


MySQL is proposed under GNU (GPL) license, and is free of charge.


MySQL seems to be very fast, robust, very simple and pleasant to use.


MySQL is available at :  for download.



Now, Cobol developers can plug Cobol Access to their environment, and use MySQL to store and retrieve their application dataset.


This Cobol Access interface requires MySQL version 4.1 or later onto server.


Cobol Access uses  MySQL - InnoDB access method, to fully support transactional access ( COMMIT & ROLLBACK ).


All features available with previous versions and databases interfaces are also available with MySQL ( LiteSQL, optimized Cobol statements, and so on…. ).


Of course, both RM/Cobol and Micro Focus Cobol are now compatible with MySQL, using Cobol Access !


Beta-test version is available now for Linux, on demand.

Windows version will be available soon.


Cobol is dead, long live Cobol !


RLDT’s developments team!




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